Noty Kity Boutique

        Step Out Of The Box. Enhance Your Romance.


Noty Kity, LLC,  is a family owned boutique located in  Galena, Illinois and Houma, Louisiana.   We truly are a "family values" business...everyone is welcome at  Noty Kity's  brick and mortar stores and website.  LGBT friendly.  We sell pleasure objects, plugs, vibrators, massager, lingerie, lubricants, toy cleaners, pajamas, lotions, adult novelties, massage oils, enhancement products and stimulants, fetish, edibles, panties, bras, corsets, hosiery, costumes and masks, accessories, etc.  If you want it, Noty Kity can get it.

The staff at  Noty Kity is  focused on providing you the best and largest variety of products,  the highest level of customer service, and our best efforts to keep you a satisfied customer.   We strive to make your experience at Noty Kity a pleasurable one in every respect.  We invite your comments on how to make the Kity Purrr!  Please browse our website and contact us with your comments, suggestions, critiques, and, of course, praise.    Check out Noty Kity often for new products, specials, and updates.  Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you soon.